About the project


The project ‘Europe4All - European Digital Cultural Heritage and Values for Migrant Empowerment and Inclusion in Adult Education’ brings together educators, young learners with and without migration backgrounds to collaborate in the creation of videos documenting and exploring shared experiences. Videos include a wide range of contemporary and historical examples of cultural heritage and its relevance to these experiences. By doing this, learners open up a conversation on these values. Videos can be used in adult education contexts to reimagine how we live together.


The project is co-funded by the European Union through the Erasmus+ program.


Information about the project in partner languages (pdf)




  • Encouraging discussions about the diversity of European cultural heritage and values
  • Facilitating participation of young adults with and without migration backgrounds in social and civic life by reflecting the diversity of European cultural heritage
  • Supporting intercultural dialogue and building mutual understanding between new arrivals and receiving communities

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