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4th newsletter in 5 partner languages


During the last months of the project – November and December 2023 the project partners organized multiplier events in their countries to further disseminate the project results. During these events diverse representatives of target groups – adult educators, non-formal trainers for adult learners, adult education training providers, migrant support workers, migrant organisations, and other beneficiaries working with immigrants – were informed about the project objectives and were given the opportunity to express their opinion about the products. This way the further sustainability of the products was insured.


The project outcomes were also widely presented during the final conference on the 14th of December 2023 at the Nicosia Municipality Multifunctional Foundation in Cyprus. This conference has also been the opportunity for the partners to meet one last time and evaluate the whole project before closing it.






3rd newsletter in 5 partner languages

LTTA in Volos

The LTTA (Learning, Teaching, and Training Activity) held in Volos, Greece, from July 13th to 15th, as part of the EUROPE4ALL project, was a great opportunity for partners to collaborate and exchange ideas. The main focus of the meeting was to discuss the lesson plans prepared by the partners and ensure their quality. European values and cultural heritage were the central topics for these lessons. Promoting and preserving cultural heritage is crucial for fostering a sense of identity and understanding among individuals.


During the event, participants engaged in fruitful discussions, providing insights and feedback on the lesson plans. This collaborative process helped refine and improve the materials, ensuring their effectiveness in teaching European values and cultural heritage to learners. The ultimate goal is the creation of a Handbook that will compile all the refined and enhanced lesson plans. This Handbook will serve as a valuable resource for educators, enabling them to deliver high-quality lessons that promote European values and cultural heritage.


On the last day the partners had a brainstorm session on the content of Europe4All Multimedia Manifesto which will contain a set of declarations on issues important to a group of young adults both local natives and migrants.




Meeting with dancers

In the last week of May a meeting took place in Germany with the dancers from the dance project "Fragil" who were interviewed in our Europe4All video "Dancing Europe".

During this interesting workshop, the young adults reflected about values in Europe:

- Which one is the most important to them?

- Which values are well protected in Europe and for which values work should still be done?

- And what would be their message to the members of the EU parliament?

Their statements will be part of the last module of our project, the Europe4All Multimedia Manifest.

Fotos: (c) Marianna Raffele + Julian Bidot



Piloting workshops in partner countries


In the months April and May 2023 Europe4All partners organized piloting workshops in their countries to show the produced videos to representatives of the target groups – young adults and adult educators and collect their feedback. The participants were very enthusiastic about the videos and showed their willingness to learn how to make videos themselves using the Europe4All videomaking guide. They liked the diversity of the videos and also the idea that people from different ages and backgrounds are given the opportunity to speak about cultural heritage.

2nd newsletter in 5 partner languages

Dance in Europe

During the last week of July 2022 in Saint-Chély-d'Apcher (FR), Leonard Koch from our German partner team K8 worked with a group of young adults on the production of the first video of the Europe4All video library.


Like every two years, the Dekanat Saarbrücken organized this summer a dance production - this time with young people coming from Germany, France, Romania and Bosnia. This opportunity was used to have a group of ten young adults following the project and producing a video about "DANCE IN EUROPE".

During the first working days, Leonard Koch supported the team to work on their video concept and to learn how to produce the images they need to make the video they have in mind. There were very intense discussions about the topics:


"What does dance mean to me?"

"Does my personal history and the place I live have an influence on my relationship to dance?"

"How does it feel dancing with persons who do not speak the same language than I do?"

Soon the final video about this important European Cultural Heritage: DANCE will be published on this site.


On the 28th of June the Europe4All partners met physically for the first time in Vienna! Those who could not travel joined the meeting online. During the meeting the partners discussed the summary of the research on needs analysis and the first draft of the practical guide to video production and took decisions on finalizing of this output. They made steps towards developing of the next project products – the video library and the handbook for adult educators. In the coming months the partners will work hard on organising the video production workshops in their countries.





1st newsletter in 5 partner languages






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