1. Europe4All Digital Filmmaking for Beginners: A Practical Guide to Video Production

Needs Analyses

The project Europe4All develops a practical guide for digital filmmaking to raise awareness of cultural heritage and encourage discussions about the diversity of European cultural heritage and values among young adults. To understand better the needs of the target groups when talking about skills in digital filmmaking, awareness of European cultural heritage and skills in intercultural communication the project partners have performed research in their countries. Click here for the results of this research are visually presented.




2. Europe4All Video Library: A collection of minimum 24 participatory videos produced by migrants and local natives together

3. Europe4All Handbook for Adult Educators: An integrated set of materials designed to give adult educators specific tools on how to use the Videos

4. Europe4All Multimedia Manifesto: A set of declarations on issues important to a group of young adults both local natives and migrants